In Charlotte's first book, we are introduced to a lonely teenager
living on an isolated barrier island.  Having recently lost her mother
and moved to Clarendon Island, Charlotte misses her mother and
life as she had known it in Charleston.

But once she meets Jeanne, her life changes and Charlotte learns
that Clarendon Island is a uniquely exciting place to live.  Encounters
with an array of diverse characters change her perspective in this
lighthearted historical fiction.  
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Clarendon Island
What would it be like to have a ghost for a best friend?  Charlotte Yorke found out. Together,
Charlotte and the ghost of Jeanne DuBois shared secrets and adventures during the late 1880s on
Clarendon Island and in Charleston, surrounded by the splendor and mystery of the South Carolina
Lowcountry. Through Jeanne's ghostly friends, Charlotte learned much about the history of this
lovely area.
Only a Ghost of a Chance
In Charlotte's second book, the feisty ladies of
Clarendon Island are faced with a new challenge: to
save an innocent man from a murder conviction.  
Charlotte and her friends learn that knowing the
truth and having evidence that is admissible in a
court of law are two different things.  Complicating
their struggle for justice is the fact that their only
link to the truth is a ghost.  
Salt Marsh Cottage
Charlotte (or rather her ghost) has an e-mail address,, and she would
loved to hear from you.  She has also posted some
photos of Charleston and Clarendon Island
that you might enjoy.
Charlotte's books are available from the publisher, Salt Marsh Cottage Books, from many
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