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By: Max D. Judge
Imagine the thrill of riding an amazing Arabian horse onto INVESCO Field at Mile High Stadium with thousands of screaming fans!
Riding Thunder, the Denver Broncos’ mascot, Ann Judge-Wegener does this at every Denver Broncos home game. This book
provides a charming glimpse at her life, from receiving her first pony to serving as Denver’s beloved “Bronco Girl.”

ISBN: 978-0-9770753-4-4    Cost:  $12.95 plus shipping                 
Amazon                  Barnes and Noble
The Bronco Girl
Chronicles of Life in the Midwest
By: Max D. Judge

Chronicles of Life in the Midwest provides a delightful glimpse into a boy’s experiences growing up on a livestock farm during the
1940s. Appealing to both young readers and older folks, the book centers around a diary kept by the author during his pre-teen
and teenage years. The author has added commentary explaining diary entries, and he has written poetry, essays, and short
stories relating to events contained in the diary. Enhanced by artwork and photographs, Chronicles of Life in the Midwest
captures a view of an earlier time with charm and insight that could only be related by one who had first-hand experience.

ISBN: 978-0-9770573-2-0    Price:  $15.00 plus shipping, paperback    
Amazon        $5.99 Kindle
The Old Stoic Faces the Mirror: A Life in Poems
By: Frederick W. Bassett

The stories distilled into Fred Bassett's poems present noble lives as well as tragic and twisted ones; enough to fill several
categories of bookstore shelves. This poet does what many writers can only hope to do. He takes his experience of a small
place and makes it universal, large enough to include us all.  Not unlike good hooch, Fred Bassett's distillations come out of
those backwoods we are happy he has known so well, and they they become ours.

ISBN: 978-0-9770573-5-1    Price:  $12.00 plus shipping, paperback:      
Amazon      Barnes & Noble         $5.99 Kindle   
Clarendon Island
By: Jane P. Hill

Feeling lonely and isolated on Clarendon Island, 14-year old Charlotte Yorke soon learns that a remote barrier island can be a
uniquely exciting place to live. Encounters with robbers, an eccentric neighbor, a ghost, and a most unlikely hero change her
perspective. The South Carolina Lowcountry is a region alive with history of wars, pirates, moonshiners, and heroes. Local
legends include ghosts, voodoo, and strange creatures of the night, such as boo-hags.
Clarendon Island is intended to acquaint
Lowcountry adolescents with their rich history and culture through the adventures of an adolescent girl in the 1880s.

ISBN: 0-9770573-0-5     Price:  $9.95 plus shipping, paperback   
Amazon           $2.99 Kindle
Only a Ghost of a Chance
By: Jane P. Hill

In this sequel, the feisty ladies of Clarendon Island are faced with a new challenge: to save an innocent man from a murder
conviction. Fifteen-year-old Charlotte Yorke and her friends learn that knowing the truth and having evidence that is admissible
in a court of law are two different things. Complicating their struggle for justice is the fact that their only link to the truth is a

ISBN: 978-0-9770573-1-3   Price:  $9.95 plus shipping, paperback    
Amazon        $2.99 Kindle
Rhymes for Our Times: Skews on the News
By: Norm Levy

Rhymes for Our Times is an anthology of light verse--extensions of actual headlines that have appeared in newspapers,
magazines, or on the Internet.

The headline, as a compressed form of communication, seems to be especially compatible with our cranked-up, quick-cut, low
attention-span society. Whether newsworthy, outrageous, or amusing, headlines invite unexpected responses, even wry
commentary in verse.

ISBN: 978-0-9770573-3-7        Price: $12.99 plus shipping, paperback   
Amazon             $4.99 Kindle