Jane Price Hill, PE (Ret), MBA
Now retired, Jane Hill was involved with developing computer models for a
wide range of applications: predicting vehicular traffic patterns and volumes,
forecasting economic impacts of transportation facilities, estimating
commuter choice among various forms of transportation, evaluating the
expected impacts of demand side options for electric utilities, and predicting
the technical operation and resulting economics of distributed electric

In recent years, her work was concentrated in energy applications, specifically
determining the expected impact of on-site generation and demand side
options.  To facilitate this work, she has developed detailed analysis models
which permit extensive manipulation and evaluation of hourly interval data.

Much of her experience has been in the industrial sector.  However, she has
also worked with universities and state and local governments to evaluate
energy options and to develop reporting tools to document the results of energy
efficiency programs.

She has published a number of papers in the United States, Canada, and
Europe.  These papers address cogeneration, peak shaving, waste-to-energy,
and economic implications of electric generation options.

She has served on the boards of the
Southeastern Energy Society and the South
Carolina Chapter of the U. S. Green Building Council.  A retired registered
professional engineer in Georgia and South Carolina, she is also a Certified
Energy Manager and a Certified Cogeneration Professional.
P. O. Box 2511
Bluffton, SC 29910

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