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Accoring to an article in cnet, the Epiphany One Puck may
well be the world's most awesome coaster. It may also be the
most useful. The One Puck doesn't just protect your coffee
table from drink sweat, it also charges up your smartphone.

You don't have to plug the Puck into an outlet. It uses a
small Stirling engine to provide the power. The device has
two sides, one red and one blue. Place a hot drink on the
red side, or a cold drink on the blue side.
While more popular in Europe and Asia, house boats may
provide an interesting alternative in the U.S.for homes as
well as recreation.  These zero-emission house boats
provide much the same facilities as loft-style homes.
The Silberfisch houseboat is a floating home by Bernhard
Urich and design firm Confused-Direction architects Flo
Florian and Sascha Akkermann. This eco-friendly project
represents a balanced mix of design and maritime
romance. Two of the primary “green” methods used in
the house’s construction are a green roof planted with
vegetation and the use of reclaimed wood wherever
SolePower has introduced a device, which was
developed by two Carnegie Mellon University
mechanical engineering graduates, which
transforms the energy generated by walking
into battery-charging power for phones and
tablet computers.  Originally developed as a
"light-up" shoe, so that students could be seen
when walking to and from campus at night, the
developers realized that it had farther
reaching applications.  They are now
expanding the technology to provide a means
for charging cellphones for campers and hikers.
Obama Opens Eastern Seaboard to Oil
ABC News Online, July 18, 2014
By Jason Dearden, AP

The Eastern Seaboard is being
reopened to offshore oil and gas
exploration.  Seismic surveys using
sonic cannons that can pinpoint energy
deposits deep beneath the ocean floor
will now be allowed.

Friday's announcement is viewed by
various sectors quite differently:  
economic development and energy
interest could realize new jobs and
infrastructure, but environmentalists
are concerned as well as people who
owe their livelihoods to fisheries and
U.S. Ruling Loosens Four-Decade Ban On
Oil Exports

Wall Street Journal Online, Updated
By: Christian Berthelsen and Lynn Cook

The Obama administration cleared the
way for the first exports of unrefined
American oil in nearly four decades,
allowing energy companies to start
chipping away at the longtime ban on
selling U.S. oil abroad.
A flashlight that runs on the thermal energy of the human
body won 16-year-old Ann Makosinski top honors in her
age category at last year's Google Science Fair.  “I wanted
something unique where it didn’t have to rely on sun or
the wind or where you didn’t have to crank it up or shake
it,” she says. “So I decided since I harvested the kinetic
energy of humans for the ninth grade project, I would
harvest the thermal energy of humans with a flashlight
that harvested human body heat."
Southern Company likely to construct
additional nuclear power reactors in US
Jul 25 - Global Data Point

Southern Company has become the first
utility to pursue new nuclear reactors
after the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency's announcement for reducing
carbon emissions from existing power
plants to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.
A porous disc developed at Massachusetts
Institute of Technology is composed of a layer
of graphite flakes on carbon foam that floats
on water, converting sunlight into steam. The
graphite captures energy from the sun with
85% efficiency, far beyond that of any
previous method. The development holds
promise for efficient desalination of seawater,
according to this article.
China outstrips Germany to become
world's biggest solar market
BEIJING, Aug. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire

Hanergy Holding Group (Hanergy) and
China New Energy Chamber of Commerce
("CNECC"), today issued the Global
Renewable Energy Report 2014. The
report found that China became the
world's biggest market for solar power in
2013, with the country's newly installed
photovoltaic generating capacity
jumping 232% on-year to 12 gigawatts
Toyoto Launches Hydrogen-Powered
Car, 2015 FCV
The Manufacturer,  19 September 2014

The Toyota FCV sedan is scheduled to be
available in April 2015 in Japan, with U.S.
and European deliveries to follow that
$8-billion green energy initiative
proposed for Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire

Four companies today jointly proposed a
first-in-the-U.S., $8-billion green energy
initiative that would bring large amounts
of clean electricity to the Los Angeles
area by 2023.